Senator Marco Rubio

Phone Numbers:

     Washington, DC: 202-224-3041

     Tampa: 813-287-5035

Office Locations:

     5201 West Kennedy Blvd. Suite 530, Tampa FL 33609

     284 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC  20510

You can email Senator Rubio and sign up for his email here.

Senator Rubio's facebook page is here.

Senator Rubio's Twitter account is here.

Congressman Tom Rooney (Dist. 17)

Phone Numbers:
     Washington DC: 202-225-5792
     Punta Gorda: 941-575-9101
     Okeechobee: 863-402-9082
     Sebring: 863-402-9084

Fax Numbers:
     Washington DC: 202-225-3132
     Punta Gorda: 941-575-9103
     Okeechobee: 863-402-9084

District Offices:
     226 Taylor Street, Suite 230 Punta Gorda FL 33950
     304 NW 2nd Street Room 105 Okeechobee, FL 34972
     4507 George Blvd Sebring, FL 33875

You can email Rep. Rooney and sign up for his newsletter here.
Rep. Rooney's Facebook page is here.

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Congressman Francis Rooney (Dist. 19)

Phone Numbers:

     Washington, DC: 202-225-2536

     Naples: 239-252-6225

     Cape Coral: 239-599-6033

District Offices:

     3299 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34112

     1039 SE 9th Avenue, Suite 308, Cape Coral, FL 33990

You can email Rep. Rooney and sign up for his newsletter here.

Rep. Rooney's Facebook page is here.

You can read his Twitter feed here.

Contact Your Representative

Action Together Suncoast

Congressman Vern Buchanan (Dist. 16)

Phone Numbers:
     Washington, DC: 202-225-5015
     Bradenton: 941-747-9081
     Sarasota: 941-951-6643

Fax Numbers:
     Washington, DC: 202-226-0828
     Bradenton: 941-748-1564
     Sarasota: 941-951-2972

District Offices:
     1151 Manatee Ave. W, Bradenton, FL 34205
     111 South Orange Ave. Floor 2R Suite 202West
     Sarasota, FL 34236

You can email Rep. Buchanan and sign up for his email here.
Rep. Buchanan’s facebook page is here.
Rep. Buchanan’s twitter account is here.

Senator Bill Nelson

Phone Numbers:

     Washington, DC:  202-224-5274

     Tampa :  813-225-7040

Fax Numbers:

     Washington, DC: 202-228-2183

     Tampa: 813-225-7050

Office Locations:

     216 Senate Hart Office Building, Washington, DC  20510

     801 N. Florida Ave, Floor 4, Tampa, FL 33602

You can email Senator Nelson and sign up for his email here.

Senator Nelson's facebook page is here.

Senator Nelson's Twitter account is here.


1. We need to call Congressman Vern Buchanan daily this week to stop Trump's dangerous tax legislation. Republicans are, once again, trying to ram this bill through using the Senate's budget reconciliation process just like they did with TrumpCare so they can pass it with no Democratic votes.

Their tax bill not only lowers the top tax rate, it actually raises the bottom rate. And the giveaway to the rich and corporations is so generous it will necessitate big cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It can also raise the taxes of many middle-class taxpayers by eliminating deductions for student loans, adoptions, medical expenses and some property tax and mortgage interest expenses. Indivisible has a new Trump Tax Scam website to help you with your calls.

We need to call Congressman Vern Buchanan (202-225-5015) daily this week to stop the #TrumpTaxScam. Here is Indivisible's calling script.

2. Keep up the pressure on our legislators regarding health care. Even though the ACA is still in place, this administration keeps trying to dismantle it. So call, e-mail, tweet, send up smoke signals, whatever! We need to keep letting them know that we want single-payer universal healthcare. Here is information from the Physicians for a National Healthcare Program about their single-payer proposal.

3. The ACA open enrollment period has been shortened to 45 days and the budget for outreach has been decimated. Make sure your friends and neighbors know that they should be meeting with a navigator or an insurance agent (yes, they can help) to review their options. If you are covered through the marketplace, make sure to review your options. The government's website is up and running here.

4. Get your tickets for the fundraising concert on November 20th with Harpeth Rising here. The upcoming election cycle and legislative session will require lots of action on our part.

5. Donate to Action Together Suncoast to cover expenses for our new brochure and upcoming events. Donate here.

6. Get the 5 Calls app for your phone or tablet and make a commitment to call each morning. It makes it very easy to pick the issue that is of most concern for you, gives you talking points, and lets you track your calls. Check out the website here.

7. Check out the calendar in the Events section for updated activities. Things change all the time, so check frequently.

Weekly Actions

Every Monday at 2:45 PM

Action at Rep. Buchanan's Sarasota Office.

111 South Orange Ave, Sarasota, FL

Every Tuesday 8:45 to 10:00 AM

Actions at Rep. Buchanan's Bradenton Office

1051 Manatee Ave. West, Suite 305, Bradenton, FL

Every Friday 1:15 - 2:30 PM

Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton, a show of support for our Muslim neighbors, especially in light of the proposed ban.

4350 N Lockwood Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL Supporters should park across Lockwood Ridge from the center to allow worshipers to park in front.

It's time to reclaim our patriotism. The right likes to believe that they are the only ones who are patriotic and can display the flag proudly. It's time for us to do the same. Find lots of great flag scarf looks here for wearing at marches and just around town.